About the Art Gallery

Regular exhibitions in William Way's lobby showcase the work of locally- and nationally-known LGBT artists. The Art Gallery's exhibits, which rotate with new bi-monthly shows, include opening receptions that usually take place at the start of each exhibition. Most art featured in the gallery is available for sale with 35 percent of profits donated directly to the Center. For more information, please contact

About the John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives Gallery

Special exhibitions in the Center’s Archives Gallery highlight important LGBT cultural and historical moments with photographs, documents and ephemera from William Way’s own Archives. For more information, please contact John Anderies.


Current Exhibits

Art Gallery:

September 13 - October 25, 2019

#QueerLifePHL is a radically inclusive and open space for the queer community to be seen and represented. It is a vision of how our community interprets queerness and the unique yet connected aspects of our daily lives. This exhibit challenges the idea of artistry and creativity. It explores how we use our phones as a tool to record and communicate our stories and how, by sharing, we create a sense of identity, expression and, ultimately, an act of resistance by refusing to be erased. We hope you feel welcome, we hope you feel seen, we hope you feel loved.

Curators: Irving Chan Gomez, Keenan Bennett, Linda Lee Alter

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the generous support of Stockbridge Fine Art Print ( and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (

Archives Gallery:

The Long Road to LGBTQ+ Equality in Pennsylvania
September 2 - 20, 2019

"The Long Road to LGBTQ+ Equality in Pennsylvania" is a traveling history exhibit that chronicles the efforts that activists have undertaken in Pennsylvania to achieve full equality for LGBTQ+ people. With the lack of success in passing statewide legislative protections from discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations and education, activists have been working for more than five decades to obtain these protections one battle at a time, one municipality at a time. The exhibit uses case studies of several cities and townships to highlight not just the political struggles, but the personal stories as well.


Art Committee


The Art Committee encourages, supports and celebrates the artistic expression and diversity of sexual and gender minorities through visual arts exhibitions and a visual arts collection produced by and about LGBTQ communities.

Supporting and encouraging arts by the LGBTQ communities of the Greater Philadelphia Region is the Art Committee’s major focus.

Gallery Submissions

The Art Committee considers exhibition submissions on a rolling basis. Please follow these directions in order to submit material for consideration.