Gallery Submissions


The Art Gallery at the William Way LGBT Community Center exclusively exhibits work by artists who self-identify as LGBTQ. Your work need not be explicitly LGBTQ-focused. We are interested in artistic perspectives on the breadth of human experience by LGBTQ people. 

To be considered for an exhibition in the Center’s Art Gallery, please follow these instructions.

Combine all of these required elements into a single PDF:

  1. First and last name of the person or persons submitting; preferred pronouns (optional); mailing address; phone number; email address; website URL (optional).

  2. The type of submission: proposed solo exhibit; proposed (pre-formed) group exhibit; annual juried exhibit; annual group exhibit for winners of the previous year’s juried exhibit; or a general proposal for consideration in a group exhibit to be curated by the committee.

  3. Artist statement (up to 250 words); one for each artist represented in the proposal.

  4. Curator statement (up to 250 words) if submitted by a curator for a proposed (pre-formed) group show.

  5. Biographical statement (up to 100 words); one for each participant (curators and/or artists) represented in the proposal.

  6. LGBTQ statement (up to 100 words) on why the proposed exhibit is appropriate for the William Way LGBT Community Center.

  7. Three to ten (3-10) images of artworks proposed for the exhibit, along with the following descriptive data for each image: title of work, year of creation, medium, dimensions (height x width in inches), sales price if for sale, and any additional notes about the work. Use one page for each image and its data.

The single PDF containing all of the above elements should be sent via email with the subject line “Gallery Submission” to John Anderies. The Art Gallery Committee will respond to those that have been viewed with interest.