Out & Faithful is one of the Center's oldest programs. Over the years we have produced a number of panels, discussions and events exploring the intersection of spirituality and sexual orientation. Some of the recent events include:

Traveling Together-- An evening of story sharing and conversations with a number of young queer people whose spirituality is a core part of their identity and life journey.  
Congregation crawls -- Periodic visits to congregations in the area
The Celebration of Inclusive Family -- a diverse slate of programs relating to the Pope's visit to Philadelphia.

Out and Faithful's mission is to be an incubator for conversations and questions around spirituality and faith in the LGBT community. Each month, Out & Faithful will have a speaker or workshop or moderated discussion; all those who are curious or invested will be welcome to come without having to commit to anything. It's our intention to make the regular Monday Out & Faithful meeting a space where that curiosity can be satisfied and connection and conversation can be had. 

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We welcome your input!

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