Out & Faithful: Receive. Contribute. Discover. Learn. Grow.

The best way to move forward is to move together. Every month churches, synagogues, temples and centers of faith attempt to tackle the LGBTQ questions alone. Why do it alone when we can do it together? William Way is inviting you through the Out & Faithful Committee to join our growing community of faith.

Add your name and email to The Out & Faithful list to receive monthly updates on ways your congregation can get involved in the LGBT community in Philadelphia and its greater areas. Receive news of events being hosted at worship and community centers, contribute by submitting your own events, discover helpful tools to engage your congregation, learn about ways you can effect political change, and grow in the unity of spirit and faith together.

History & Vision

While the Out & Faithful Committee has been serving the community for a number of years, its mission to engage and unite houses of worship in an effort to include LGBTQ congregants was handed down by the YES Coalition.

The YES Coalition was created by a group of lesbian, transgender and straight allied women who wanted to continue to say, “Yes to spirituality. Yes to diversity. Yes to sexuality.” Together they put forward a mission of unifying the diverse religious spaces in Greater Philadelphia. The group began to garner a collection of open and accepting churches, synagogues and other worship centers, providing each space with a means to connect and get involved. Today, in order to keep the spirit of togetherness alive, we are continuing the work of the YES Coalition under the new branding of The Out & Faithful at William Way Community Center.