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Canceled: Personal Resonance: A Voice Workshop

This event has been cancelled for this coming Sunday.  If you are interested in attending this workshop in the future, please contact Chief Operating Officer Candice Thompson at

The act of singing has been defined by our culture as an elitist act that only few may do. Public singing has all but disappeared from daily life. The institutionalization and corporatization of singing has lulled us into accepting that most of us have no business doing it. Yet, singing is one of the most beneficial personal acts of expression and healing possible within the human form.

In Personal Resonance: An Introduction, we will question preconceptions of what a song is and what it means to sing. We will explore the shapes of the hollow parts of our body, learn how to fill them with sound, and use the shape of that sound to connect to other people. We will begin the process of reclaiming our voices as instruments of expression, regardless of discipline. You will leave this workshop with a practice that you can carry with you and develop to suit your own impulses. This workshop will include detailed descriptions and explorations of diaphragmatic breathing, vocal function and health, resonant areas, vocal registers, and the relationship of your voice to your body, your memory and your emotions.

This class involves some movement. Come with proper movement attire. 

Michael Kiley is a composer, sound designer, performer and educator working in dance, theatre and public installation. Over the last 15 years, he has been researching his interest in the human voice not as an instrument to achieve preconceived ideas, but to experience what it is to be an individual. His teaching started to take on a full bodied practice after working with choreographer luciana achugar during the process of otro teatro, and has continued to evolve while collaborating with Faye Driscoll Group on the Thank You For Coming Trilogy, as well as an ongoing process with Chelsea Murphy and Magda San Millan. Michael is currently developing Personal Resonance as a generative practice for a full length performance, which will involve the audience learning the practice.

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